The Next Generation of QuickCheck

Are you a sales representative, owner, operator or maintenance technician for a Class 6, 7 or 8 commercial truck, off-highway industrial equipment, or a recreational vehicle, who is looking for an inexpensive handheld tool to help you service, maintain, and monitor the performance of your Cummins-powered investments? Have you wished for a version of QuickCheck that integrates the data link adapter function into one rugged, high performance, easy to use package that will not become obsolete in a year or two?

You need a Cummins QC5200 or QC5100 handheld computer with an integrated INLINE data link adapter and Windows® CE operating system to read your engine data broadcast over the public SAE J1939 or J1587 data links, whether that data is from an electronically-controlled Cummins diesel engine or that of any other manufacturer. The QC5200 and QC5100 continue the tradition of the QuickCheck family of products that read information from electronic diesel engines in applications ranging from heavy-duty automotive to industrial high-horsepower. With its internal INLINE 4 data link adapter and the included PowerSpec CE software, the QC5100 provides the capabilities of reading engine parameter settings and transferring a HotSpec created by the PC version of PowerSpec to the engine control module. The QC5200 has all of the capabilities of its monochrome predecessor, but has a vivid color display, faster processing speeds, an internal INLINE 5 data link adapter directly accessible through an optional USB cable, and adds the capability of directly editing your engine parameter settings. Note that this adjustment capability does not exist in Australia and New Zealand.

Cummins is the innovator and technology leader in handheld tools for diesel engines and was the first to conceive of and introduce the original QuickCheck handheld tool in May 2000. The latest tools, the QC5200 and QC5100, include legacy applications such as QuickCheck CE with the QC Configurator, as well as the PowerSpec CE software application. So why waste your time and money on inferior two-piece products?

Each Cummins QC5200 or QC5100 kit contains a handheld computer, cables, AC power supply, and the QuickCheck software application suite. Load the software, connect the hardware, and you are ready to view data in real time, transfer HotSpecs, or save data for viewing later or transferring to your PC via a synchronization operation!

Note that the QuickCheck 5200 and 5100 systems are now compatible with EPA 2013 and Euro 5 engines.

Note that QuickCheck I, II, and III are no longer available.

Order Cummins QuickCheck products from your local Cummins distributor, The Cummins Powerstore,or call 1-800-646-5609.


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