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QuickCheck III

Cummins QuickCheck III Features:

  • Supports SAE J1939 and J1708/J1587 data links
  • Displays electronic engine and vehicle subsystem data
  • Displays engine/vehicle operating parameters
  • Displays and stores active and inactive faults
  • Displays and stores vehicle trip total data
  • Displays and stores dataplate information
  • Stored information on handheld computer can be downloaded to PC
  • Displayed operating parameters can be changed using QC Configurator
  • QuickCheck III kit includes the powerful new QuickTrip application
  • QuickCheck III adapter meets Cummins and CE light industrial environmental test requirements
  • Compatible with Palm M500™, M505™, M515™, I705™, Zire™ 71, Tungsten™ T, Tungsten™ T2, Tungsten™ C, Tungsten™ W, and Garmin® IQue 3600 models

QuickCheck III product kit (P/N 3165142) includes:

  • QuickCheck III data link adapter (P/N 3165015)
  • Palm 16-pin universal/DB9M cable (P/N 3165017)
  • DB25F/9-pin data link cable (P/N 3165159)
  • DB25F/6-pin data link cable (P/N 3165160)
  • QuickCheck III (includes QuickTrip and QC Configurator) software CD (P/N 3165149)
  • Storage case (P/N 3165143)

Optional cable:

  • DB25F/3-pin/2-pin/cigarette plug cable (P/N 3165141)


QuickCheck III Screens:

Equipment Screen

  • Displays engine ID information
  • Can enter custom equipment ID
  • Includes total engine hours
  • Data is savable

Monitor Screen

  • Displays live sensor data
  • Parameters are selectable with QC Configurator
  • Data is not savable

Trip Screen

  • Displays accumulated trip totals
  • Data is savable

Fault Screen

  • Displays active or inactive faults
  • Gives detailed fault information
  • Data is savable


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